The Ministry of Health Holds a Series of Courses for New Employees

A four day training course, with 50 attendees - new employees from the Prince Hamza Hospital – discussed employee codes of conduct, general ethics in accordance to the civil service system, laws and duties, in addition to organizational structure and administrative hierarchy. The training also included a portion on dealing with patients, special data systems, monitoring communicable and non-communicable diseases, principles of monitoring health, provision, purchase and budgeting, medical and forensic reports, quality and increase in competence, as well as medical prescriptions.
Secretary General of Financial and Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Janet Merza, emphasized the Ministry’s interest in enhancing its employees’ knowledge with regards to rules, regulations and instructions.
During the opening day, Dr. Merza pointed out that the courses come as a part of the Ministry’s policy to hold a series of training courses for its employees from different governorates and districts.
The ministry will hold seven other similar courses, each with 50 participants.

Posted on Monday, March 03, 2008 (Archive on Tuesday, March 11, 2008)
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