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Launch of Health and Media Materials Unit

The MMU targets the employees of the Ministry who work in various directorates, hospitals, journalists and members of the media. The MMU also targets the partners of the Health Ministry and collaborators, which include international, national and local authorities. The unit aims at providing a special area for media activities through archiving and classifying the various media activities. A link to the MMU is available through the Unit’s website ( where people can browse through the most important studies and researches related to behavior change communication.

There were many reasons behind creating the MMU, but the main reasons were the multiplicity of technical directorates that produce media materials, the multiplicity of health issues raised in these districts, and the increase of international and local projects that work in cooperation with the Health Ministry, in addition to raising employee awareness on the Health Ministry’s most important achievements regarding health projects and documenting them.

The Media Unit contains more than 600 media materials in the form of audio tapes, calendars, CDs, DVDs, flipcharts, packets, media materials, brochures, posters, training materials, and videos, classified according to a detailed electronic system to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of the files.

Ms. Bushra Jaber, senior communication advisor at the Health Communication Partnership for Family Health Program - Johns Hopkins University, said: "We are honored to be part of this special initiative that will largely benefit all Jordanians, starting from the Health Ministry employees to journalists, and members of the media. The benefits will also extend to the partners of the Health Ministry. This unit is set to become their main and most trusted reference on all the sources and information concerning various national and international projects that have taken place over the years, and on the most important studies related to behavior change communication."

Mr. Amjad Al Hyari from the Health Communication Partnership for Family Health Program underlined the importance of the Health and Media Materials Unit's website, which contains an electronic copy of all the materials that are present in the unit. It is easily accessed by everyone who wishes to be informed on all the relevant details. In addition users to the MMU website have access to an advanced search engine, which will help them find any subject they are looking for.
The website also contains a link to all the news and special events of the Health Ministry and its media campaigns launched with its partners.

Posted on Monday, July 28, 2008 (Archive on Tuesday, August 05, 2008)
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